About Us

The Days of Yore Shoppe is owned by June Postle. June always had a dream to open an old-fashioned Christmas shop and after she retired she made that dream into a reality. Her late husband and her opened the shoppe in the fall of 1999. They both love Christmas. Before June’s husband Bob passed away, he used to spend weeks decorating outside while June decorated inside.

The Days of Yore Shoppe offers a large variety of Christmas decorations, including ornaments, wreaths, center pieces, snowman collections and many other figurines, but that’s not all. The Days of Yore Shoppe has expanded to Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. They also have gifts for any occasion available.

The Shoppe is nestled behind her home on Culvert Road in Medina, NY. It is surrounded by pine trees and even has a fire place inside, giving the Shoppe a warm Christmas feeling.

There are various unique items for sale from all around the country. Many of the items are even hand-made. June is an avid collector of unique ornaments and decorations. Whenever she travels, she is always looking and buying. When Bob and June started the shoppe, it was extremely small, so her son and husband put on an addition with a circular walk through the woods leading to the front door.

Check out the gallery to view some of these one of a kind items or stop by and look at them in person.

The Days of Yore Shoppe will open September 10th. The shoppe is open from September through January on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10 AM – 6 PM.  Come for cookies and coffee, on opening day.  There will be 20% off one item excluding furniture.  Come check out our Halloween woods and in December check out the Christmas woods.

She would like to thank all her neighbors, family and friends for all their help making “Days of Yore” a reality.

Any questions, give June a call at 585-798-3785